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Changing Audio Settings and Preferences Mid-Meeting Instantly



I use Zoom for various music-teaching tasks.

I frequently want to switch back and forth between being on-camera with a webcam using the webcam audio, to, using a different video and audio source and audio preferences.

With these audio-settings, I have Zoom set for regular auto-audio-adjustment chat with the webcam, and music settings with auto-audio-adjustment turned off for the other video source

I'd like to be able to switch back and forth instantly between the two sets of audio/video settings and preferences.

I have been able to set up a Macro in OSC to open settings and switch the audio and video sources, but am unable to create a macro to switch the audio preferences (like auto-adjust, etc.).

Part of this is that the preferences move around geographically in the Audio Setting window depending on what is currently selected.

Also the Audio Preferences (other than mute, unmute, etc.) are not controllable by Zoom Hot-Keys.

Can anyone think of a way around this?

Or is there a way to switch between two complete settings/preferences profiles mid-meeting?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Many people use Bitfocus Companion and a Stream deck for this kind  of set up.