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Cap Sizes for Self-Select Breakout Rooms


Does anyone know if you can cap self-select breakout room to a certain number of people.  Can I cap it at 10 and force participants to choose a different one once full


Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @SBD, welcome to the Zoom community! I don't believe that is currently an option that is available, but it's a great suggestion! If this is a feature you hope to see in the future, I encourage you to submit this idea within our feedback form:

Good morning, is there any update here? I have the same question as the user above and can't find information about whether this feature has been added. We are wondering if you can cap self-select breakout rooms at a certain number of people, so once a breakout room has reached the cap (i.e. 10 participants), attendees would need to select a different breakout. Thank you!