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Cannot start a meeting - blank screen no controls


I have been hosting meetings regularly, the last one was last Thursday, but yesterday, upon launching, instead of the regular screen with controls, I got a blank screen with only my ID and no controls (see screen capture). Attendees joined (in another screen) I could see them and hear them but I could not join my own meeting. I closed the meeting for everyone, created another meeting, same thing. I had to cancel the meeting. I have been testing creating meetings and launching, and still the same blank screen with no controls. I have updated to the latest Zoom Client 5.13.10 - nothing changes.

I submitted a ticket to Zoom support yesterday, no reply. And I have another meeting planned for tomorrow Thursday. Any ideas, solutions? Many thanks.



(Follow -up)... I found the reason and the solution.


The reason was my update to macOS Ventura. Even though I had downloaded the most recent version of the zoom app for Apple's Silicon chips.
The solution:
1. Force quit the zoom app.
2. Uninstall the zoom app (I used CleanMyMac).
3. Reboot computer.
3. Download (again) the same latest version of the zoom app for Apple Silicon chips.
4. Launch a test meeting and check and reset some settings, as necessary, in the Zoom Client, such as  background, choose your speakers, screen sharing etc.


I found this page very useful


I hope others can benefit from this experience.