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Can't upgrade to paid account




I can't upgrade my Basic account to Pro. I know how to do it but it just won't let me hit the 'upgrade now' button which is grayed out.  It only allows me to hit 'back'. I double checked everything - no information is missing or is incorrect. It's been 3 days now that I've been trying. I closed Zoom, I shut down the computer. did multiple restarts. There is no information what I am doing wrong, no highlighted fields. My question has probably gone to a wrong category as there is nothing here that pertains to the account itself. Please help!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@mayaflynn Were you able to follow below steps?


Sign into your account at


On the left you will see a navigation bar.  Under the ADMIN section, Select Account Management, then Billing. You will be able to choose to upgrade, and then choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly, and then you will need to enter your credit card information.


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The only way to solve this is by first putting in payment details in the "Billing" tab before going to "Upgrade Account". 

Regardless of how you navigate to the "Upgrade Account", the button is greyed out as mentioned.  Makes your 37 billion dollar company look pretty bad when you can't allow customers to pay you for your core service. Tsk tsk... 


FWIW I encountered the issue with Chromium 99.0.4844.51.


Thanks very much for pointing out this workaround for the bug!  Going to Billing->Billing Information *before* attempting to upgrade allows me to enter the payment information in advance.


Then when upgrading, the previously broken "2. Payment" form is replaced with a pre-filled "2. Payment" form that has a working "Upgrade Now" button.


Agreed that seeing the "don't you ever, ever, break payment logic" rule broken is shocking.  Apparently  it's been broken for at least 11 days?  So I can only assume (since Zoom's stock hasn't plummeted AFAIK) that the bug only affects certain browsers.


I am having the same issue. 


I'm having the same issue and I've been trying for almost a week off and on! 


I went to billing and entered my credit card info, then I was able to upgrade to pro,


I am having the same issue.  It is shocking that they make it hard to give my money to them!


I also tried to call the phone number and there is no way to get to a person without already having a paid account (ha! trying to do that) or having a meeting in progress!  

Very Very frustrating!!!


Tried over and over. Pretty basic function that keeps them from more revenue.