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Can't hear shared screen audio


Hi! My zoom has been perfectly fine until a few days ago. I was in a lecture when i decided to play some music from spotify while the prof was screen sharing a video. But then the spotify sound was so muffled, which has never happened before. Then suddenly the spotify sound went perfectly normal but then till this day i can't hear anything when someone's screen sharing. I can hear perfectly fine if they're talking through their mics but i can't hear anything from the screen shared. I've been looking everywhere for help so please help me with this.. and no, there's no problem with my laptop speaker as it still does the same thing even when i connect to bluetooth speaker or headphones. i tried reinstalling and restarting but still no use..





Check whether you have shared computer audio


If this helps answer your question then accept this as a solution.



Sachindu Chamika

I am having the same issue.  I have checked the "Sound Share" box in the lower left hand of the share screen.  People can hear me talking through my mic, but not the music when I play it from YouTube.


I know this is a few months old but I have just spent some time dealing with this issue for a customer, and wanted to share the solution that worked in my case. The problem turned out to be to do with the Realtek audio device driver.


Open device manager and Open up "Sound, video and game controllers" and right click on the Realtek item underneath and choose uninstall. If you see a tickbox that says to uninstall device drivers, check it. Then click uninstall, and reboot. Windows will reinstall the audio device, and in my case this completely fixed the problem.

Thanks for this tip. It works, but it's temporary. As soon as there is a Windows update, the problem returns and then I need to do this fix again. At least there is a solution, but I'd prefer it was not recurring. Louise.


2 years using zoom no problems with screen share. Just since a month ago suddenly no sound when share the screen.

On the latest version, windows 10 pro. no changes have been made to the system. Zoom please fix for us

What make is the laptop? I have solved problems with Asus machines with settings in the MyAsus software.

I aloo have this issue. I have a Dell. As I mentioned above, the solution you provided works, but I need to do it again following Windows update. Louise.