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Can't hear shared music while in Zoom meeting / my own background music becomes distorted


Hello, I recently bought a new Dell G15. I play weekly Dungeons and Dragons via Zoom where the host shares music with us. I can hear everyone speaking, but cannot hear the music. Everyone else can hear the music perfectly. I can only hear their voices. Someone other than host tried sharing music. Everyone else could hear it except me. I can hear my friends voices perfectly fine. It is as though some setting is automatically muting the music.


This happens when I use the base speakers and microphone on the laptop, or when I use a Snowball external microphone and headphones, or when I use airpods. Any combination of base system, headphones, external microphone, I can hear my friends' voices but cannot hear the music. 


Yes, I have made sure to select the correct output speaker and input headphones, in both desktop client settings and in the actual meetings. No combination of selected speaker (Speakers Realtek Audio, Same as System Speakers Realtek Audio, or Headphones) and selected Microphone (Microphone Array AMD Audio Device, Same as System Microphone Array AMD Audio Device, or Blue Snowball) allows me to hear the shared music. SOMETIMES I hear it for a moment when I connect. Then it is automatically muted by something.


Yes, I have set Audio Profile -> Background noise suppression to "low".


To be clear, I am not trying to share my audio. I cannot hear when others share music. I can hear their voices, but not the music.


Surely there is some setting that is automatically detecting and muting the music? Does anyone with a Dell G15 have issues with music on zoom? In System -> Sound -> Volume Mixer I also select the correct output device (Headphones usually) and input device (external Snowball microphone usually). 


Also important is, when I play my OWN music on my laptop while in a Zoom meeting, it is garbled and choppy and extremely distorted. For example, trying to play Spotify or Youtube through my headphones to create my own background music for the Dungeons and Dragons. I can barely hear it even when I mess around with app volumes in the Volume Mixer. This only happens while in a Zoom Meeting. 


Thanks for the read and for any help. I am at a loss. Clearly I am missing some Zoom or Dell AI-noise cancelling setting. The speakers and headset both work fine for music, video games, everything else. Just can't hear shared music or play my own background music while in a Zoom meeting.





Update: I was playing around trying to host my own meetings / join meetings set up from my phone. If I am playing Spotify BEFORE I join or create a meeting, the music is muted AS SOON as I JOIN AUDIO. Clearly some setting automatically mutes music while I am in Zoom. No matter what speaker or microphone I select. Background suppression is set to "low". What other settings do this?


facing same problem here.  while the host share screen, all other participants can hear the music clearly, only mine is distorted.  Tried reinstalling Zoom but it didn't help.

Dang, sorry to hear. I've been troubleshooting with Dell and Zoom for days and they have no idea. I think both sides are reluctant to admit it is a possible Windows 11 issue. Some setting is clearly miscommunicating between Windows and Zoom. What kind of laptop do you have? Curious if it is a Dell audio issue, or a Windows 11 issue. Either way, please file a ticket!!! Hopefully if enough people file tickets about it they will create an update for us on one side or the other! 

i have the same problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 16" Touchscreen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 5825U - FHD+ (1920 x 1200) - Windows 11, with Realtek(R) Audio, Driver date 7/12/2022, Driver version 6.0.9381.1.  

I have the same problem. I have a new Dell, but the problem didn't start when I got my new computer. My new computer worked fine for months. The problem only started this week. I feel like zoom made a change, and wish I could switch back to an older version of zoom. Is that possible?


I have this same problem with a new Dell Inspiron 14, AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, RealTek and AMD audio drivers, Windows 11.  I often teach online and when I play videos, no music is audible by me or by my students.  I experimented by playing a video as I started Zoom and the overall audio quality (including regular speech) noticeably worsened as soon as Zoom started.  I have played with all the settings mentioned (and more) and haven't been able to solve the issue. 

I tried this and it worked. This was done on my laptop settings, not my zoom settings:

Window button


System (Display, sound, etc.)


Device Properties (on left in blue)

Additional Device Properties (in right in blue)

  • Pop up box
  • Advanced tab
  • At bottom à Enable Audio Enhancements à UNCLICK this

Click OK

Restart the laptop


I opened a ticket with Zoom. request (#15639354) We worked together and gathered logs. Zoom 2nd tier support said it was not a Zoom issue. Their assessment is: In this case I would recommend looking into the windows settings with Microsoft if possible. Zoom does not separate audio tracks into music and verbal, and because they are not separate, this indicates to me that another application or windows settings is canceling out some of the audio. In this case i do not believe Zoom will be able to fix this issue.

On this website ( I found a description of my problem. This person worked with Dell support. They uninstalled and reinstalled RealTek drivers. I called Dell and described my problem and this solution. The Dell person took control of my laptop and installed drivers. after rebooting, I uninstalled Zoom. I rebooted. I installed Zoom. I did a test. The music played for 5 seconds and then cut out. 

Dell is saying it is a software issue.  I have to pay for the support from Dell to analyze the software issue.
I'll keep investigating when I have more time.
IsabelQuintana - what you described as a fix - I could not follow these steps. I have Windows 11. Under System > Sound, I could not find Device Properties.

I agree that this is a windows problem (both W10 and W11).  I rolled back to a older version of Zoom on which I know that I have successfully shareed music and which never displayed this problem:  the problem was  there.  I can't follow the IsabelQuintana's solution on W10 either - I don't get the option of "enable audio enhancements".


I will continue exploring Windows.

Another reason for it being a windows problem: it does not seem to occur on Mac's.


Solved it for W11:

- go to control panel (easiest is windows-key + i (you may need to click 'settings' next) - alternatively click windows on the taskbar, and click settings in the middle of (my) display)

- click "Sound"

- scroll down to "All sound devices" and click it

- click "Speakers"

- scroll down to "Enhance audio" (this is off by default on my laptop)

- click "Advanced" in small blue type at the end of the text

- click the "Advanced" tab

- Uncheck "Enable audio enhancements"

- click "ok" 

I restarted the laptop - I don't know if that is needed in reality.

I've now shared the music normally with my other PC.   


W10 is very similar to what IsabelQuintana says, but slightly different on my desktop:

- Go to settings

- Then to "System"

- Then to "Sound"

- under "Ouput" click "Device Properties"

- Click "Additional Device Properties" over on the right

- Click the "Enhancements" tab (this is where is deviate from IsabelQuintana)

- Check "Disable all enhancements"

- click ok

In this case I didn't do a restart and it worked anyway.



Thank you. This also worked for me on my Windows 11 Dell with Inspiron laptop with RealTek drivers. At least, it worked for a quick test I ran. I'll test again on Thursday.


I have a similar issue. I am using Dynabook X30W-K with 12th Gen Intel i7 and Windows 11 Pro. When other people sharing video in Zoom, the music also not able to hear, only human voice. Hope there is a solution to fix it.


After tried the solution given by jpeterrj, it does not work. Still the same. no improvement.


What I tried on 11/16 only worked for a very short time - like 10 minutes. I have found this issue described on Dell, Zoom and Microsoft community support sites. I have tried many things. Nothing is working. I am very frustrated. I backed up all my files and work on the Dell Inspiron 16" Touchscreen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 5825U - FHD+ (1920 x 1200) - Windows 11, with Realtek(R) Audio to a separate storage device, reset the computer and returned it to the place I purchased it (Costco). I am convinced this is a software issue with Realtek and windows 11.