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Can’t answer inbound call while in zoom meeting


We have a Zoom meeting going all day with all staff members that helps us with training. Most of our staff is able to answer calls and STAY on the zoom meeting. This is for training purposes so mgt can help assist. However several staff, anytime they try to answer the phone using Jabra Bluetooth headset, it will leave the zoom meeting. But it’s working fine for everyone else.  anyone have any ideas what we can look at to figure out what’s causing this?   Thanks!  



First make sure that you have the Jabra Direct pc app installed on your computer.  This will allow the Zoom Meeting PC app to find the call control functions for your Jabra headset. 

  • In Zoom app go to Settings > Audio
  • At the bottom tick the box that says "Sync Buttons on Headset"

And on the Jabra App go to

  • Settings > Softphone Integration > Select Zoom

Give that a try and let me know if that helps.