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Can't Livestream into Facebook Group


Hi!  I've spent a good chunk of time trying to figure this out and am getting nowhere.  


I have two Facebook groups linked to my Public Figure page and I am able to go LIVE in those groups via Zoom.


However, I (my personal Facebook account, not my Public Figure account) was just added as an Admin with full admin permissions (not a moderator) to another Facebook group so I can go live once a week and provide training.  


Zoom will not allow me to go LIVE in that group.  When I am in my Personal Meeting Room and click MORE to go Live on Facebook, I only get the option of the two groups linked to my Public Figure page.  


Can someone please help?  The Facebook group I'm trying to go LIVE in does have the Zoom App added and it all looks exactly as it should, as far as I can tell, in my Zoom account settings and the Facebook group settings.  


Thank you so much for your help!