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Can't Disable Blur as Default for Meetings


No matter what I do, my settings keep reverting to a blurred virtual background as the default for meetings. So every time I start a meeting my background is blurred.


I can set virtual background to "None" (or anything else) during a meeting, and even in settings, but upon going into a new meeting it STILL reverts to blurred.


It happens using the same Zoom account on other devices (PC/Windows, Mac, and iOS), but if I use a different Zoom account on the same devices they work fine (i.e. no virtual background). 


I KNOW the issue is specific to my main Zoom account and not the devices or Zoom clients on each.







Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It's possible the account admin enabled and locked the following feature 'Require users to always use virtual background'. Do other users on the same account experience this issue?