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Business Accounts Google Zoom Window No Longer Opening After Upgrading to 5.13.0


I have 2 separate accounts: a personal one and an account from my employer; I use Chrome to access the desktop version of Zoom for both accounts. That Employer account goes through Google for logging in to Zoom. BTW, I'm on an old Intel iMac using the latest version of Catalina (10.15.7). Everything was working perfectly with the Employer account until I upgraded Zoom to the latest version, 5.13.0 (13815). Now, while my personal account goes through and opens a Zoom window perfectly, my Employer account will not open the Zoom window. Just to be clear, for my Employer account, I click the Google option on the sign-in page, then enter my employee email address on the Google page that opens up, at which point I'm taken to my Employer account main page (Profile, Meetings, etc.). Since upgrading to 5.13.0, the Zoom Meeting window no longer opens when I try to start a meeting: I click on the "Open" pop-up, but nothing happens - no meeting window! Meanwhile, my personal account opens up just fine from Chrome. I do not want to use the Zoom within browser Chrome window because it's not clear enough for the meetings I hold. So, I'm now left telling people to use my personal Zoom account for business meetings, which is not appropriate within the organization.


There seems to be no place for me to download the previous version of Zoom I had, with which I had no issues.


Not happy!