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Broadcast through OBS and the participants in ZOOM do not hear the videos


Peace and blessings
We broadcast through OBS and want viewers to hear the stones we add through OBS
At the moment the ZOOM participants do not hear the videos playing through the OBS
They see but do not hear
I would love a solution


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @PERACH, I would ensure the output audio through OBS is set up correctly as well as your speaker and microphone options within the Zoom client settings. 



Through OBS I had it default, but try matching with your input device through Zoom.


Zoom Community Moderator

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I too have this problem with OBS.  We are using OBS to moderate a zoom/live meeting.  We have multiple OBS scenes from live cameras, from static images and from dynamic video (i.e. mp4 files).  We can switch between these as we manage the system just fine and they seem to get to zoom via the virtual camera input setting... except, when we play a video through OBS we get the sound on the controlling computer but not the sound on zoom (where the image is going through just fine).  I've tried switching between various speaker/microphone options on the controlling computer (windows 11).  If we broadcast via share screen it seems to work ok.  But we really want to use OBS for it's merge and arrangement capabilities.


Any thoughts on how to get this working?