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Breakout Rooms


Right so, I'm hosting the largest Zoom event we've ever done and they're doing rooms which i have never done before.  So the question is this:

I have 12 rooms and there are hosts for each room, however, they want the other attendees to go into the rooms at random.  Is there a way to assign the hosts to rooms and then everyone else be done random?  Help??  Thanks in advance.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Technoamish,


See this Zoom Support article for pre-assignment method: 

You should still be able to let the rest of the attendees select their own room to visit OR be assigned randomly. I haven’t tested this combination of settings, but you can make a trial run with a few friends and see if it works. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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I've done this by setting the Zoom Breakout to "Assign Automatically," meaning once you open the breakout, all participants will automatically be divided evenly into the number of breakouts you've created. Anyone you don't want to move automatically or you want to ensure they get into a specific breakout room, make them a co-host BEFORE opening the breakout rooms. Co-hosts and hosts will not be included in the automatic push into the breakout rooms once you open them. After you open the breakout rooms, they must move themselves (they can because they have co-host privileges) into a breakout room or the Host/other co-hosts can move them. The downside is you can't get your host leaders into the room before the participants to setup any screen share. Good luck!