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Break out Rooms & All Control during Zoom? Need Answers ASAP....


Question:  Do I have full control of a Zoom call as a co-host only and the ability to create/set-up/change break out room, send messages to multiple rooms, move people between rooms, etc.?


Do I need to be the one who created and initiated the Zoom meeting link, to have all access and control in the Zoom meeting Link?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer
  1. Once a meeting has started, you can be assigned the co-host role. You can't be assigned a co-host before a meeting. Now, regarding breakout rooms, you can do the following as a co-host:
    Move between breakout rooms
  2. Assign, start, and end breakout rooms.
  3. Broadcast a message to all rooms
  4. View activity statuses of participants

If this answers your question, please mark Accept as the Solution. Here is a video I created on co-host features.