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Black screen




I am using my Laptop to join Zoom meetings from university, but since 1 week my screen ist just turing black. Even if I don't share my screen. It is always starting round about 10 min after joining the meeting. I already installed the latest version und updated my Bios and windows. I am using a HP Laptop. Does anyone of you has an idea how I can solve this problem? It is very important. 


thanks for answering.



What version of Zoom are you on? If not the latest, go ahead and update to 5.8.3.

Is the entire Zoom client/application turning black or just your individual camera window/Zoom window?

What model computer do you have and what operating system do you have on it?

I am using this Version. 

Yes at the beginning just the Window from Zoom ist turing black and then the whole screen. But if I am open another website it is okay. If I am going back to zoom  it is starting again und the screen is Turing black. 

I'm using an HP Notebook-15-bs063ng


Thak you for the answer.