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Black/Grey lines across my screen when video is turned on


I am using a MacBook. After updating the latest zoom version, I get this grey/black lines across my screen when I turn on the video. There is nothing wrong with my camera lens i.e. I do not have these lines in other video conferencing platforms.  I have reinstalled Zoom a few times, and also updated my iOS to Big Sur 11.5.2


This problem has been around for the past two weeks. 

Please advise. Thank you.


I had this issue after the update. But toggling off the 'enhance my appearance' setting fixed it for me 🙂


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When experiencing these issues, have you gone onto other tabs and experienced the same issue? Or just on Zoom???

Just Zoom. Other video conferencing platforms, my screen is clear. No lines, so nothing wrong with the camera. Only Zoom. 

i am facing the exact same problem

In fact I have just updated zoom again. I am tempted to reinstall zoom again. I have done it twice. 


Hi, I've had the same issue with my Zoom since. thelast update. I updated again with today's most recent update and still had the same problem. The lines only appear on Zoom not when I use my camera anywhere else. I checked my settings in Zoom, on the MacBook, and uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom from my device. I was able to go back to an older version of Zoom and that took off the lines but it also meant I couldn't do anything else on Zoom like share screen or move people into break out rooms.  



I have this exact same issue too. Has anyone resolved it?


I had this issue after the update. But toggling off the 'enhance my appearance' setting fixed it for me 🙂


THANk YOU Ellie3! IT worked !!!! I so wanna give you thank-you hug you! 😍😍😍

Thank you!!!!!!! I've been fighting with this for days and your solution was on spot. Million times thank you!!!

Glad this worked for you.  I on the other hand don't have the option to turn off enhanced.  Weird.