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Bizarre Experience - Zoom Attendees Rerouted to Another Project




I had a very strange and disconcerting zoom experience at work a few days ago that threatened to cause internal chaos, and am at a loss to understand why or how it happened. I am wondering if anyone can provide an explanation for this -or if anybody else has experienced anything like it. If so I would be grateful. Our IT division at work is completely baffled by this.


So I"m a project coordinator on three projects for a nonprofit, each with multiple zoom legacy accounts - for the sake of this discussion, let's call them Project A, Project B, and Project C.  I've been using these accounts for many months without issues.


Project B has an old working group that hadn't met for several months. The meeting turned up on our group calendar this week - with a Google Calendar recurring event that the Project Chair instituted months ago (before I even onboarded). The zoom information in that calendar event looked odd to me - it wasn't a traditional full zoom link, with dial-ins and zoom URLs and so forth; it was a single xxx xxx xxxxx zoom code and a xxxxxx password - without any http://www or anything.


I thought, okay that's very odd. To be doubly certain that it worked, I actually placed the said zoom code in a manufactured URL, and *tested the link* to make sure it worked, the night before the meeting. I got a waiting room window that popped up (the correct one). I thought, "Okay, this is fine." And I didn't worry about it. I sent a reminder to all the group participants with the said link.


The next morning, we had three concurrent meetings: one for project C - which I had to attend - and two that happened simultaneously on Project B, set up on different Zoom legacy accounts, in different meeting rooms.


I didn't worry about it - then I started getting frantic texts from people on Project A, alleging that people from the Project B meeting with the manufactured link were showing up in one of their zoom rooms, which we call "The TSC Account."


Frantic, I went back and double checked the links. They were correct! Then I thought, "I must still be logged in as TSC somewhere." Nope. I checked every single browser and two laptops. I wasn't. But I noted that whenever I logged off of the app, and just logged into a public meeting zoom link, it somehow reverted me to the TSC account. It has never done that before. It has continued to do it since then.


I know this story is convoluted, but the bottom line is that people from one project started showing up on another project. I spent almost 5 hours the day of, trying to solve this. And I came up with nothing.


It is almost as if, when attendees plugged in that old link, it somehow automatically vectored them back to the default for my account.


Naturally, I'm concerned .If this continues to happen, I'll be in hot water.


Thanks for listening. Love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and/or suggestions.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @NSouthern78, and welcome to the communtiy. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you! I have gone ahead and created a support ticket for you so this can be investigated. Please watch out for an update via email.

Zoom Community Team
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