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Being added as a host to another group's zoom


I am trying to be added as a host to a group's zoom.  This is done under User Management in Settings.  I successfully add my email and zoom generates an email for me to accept the invitation to be added as a host.  When I hit "accept" ,  I get a long message that tells me if I accept, my zoom account will be merged with the group's zoom account .  I absolutely do not want to do this.  

I even tried adding myself as a host with an email I seldom use and is not associated with my zoom account.  No luck.    Any ideas?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Your second approach is the correct one if you don’t want t your first account affiliated as a member of the group licence and settings.


Check your second email account spam / junk folder for the invite or ask the group admin to resend it.




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