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Audio not playing in recorded meetings in Safari 16.2 and in Quicktime 10.5 (macOS Big Sur)


Hi I used to record videos in Mojave without any issue, now after a fresh installation of Big Sur all my recorded meetings in the cloud won't play audio in Safari (the video works but no sound) and if I download it, I cannot hear the audio as well in Quicktime.

Any idea of what is wrong in Big Sur (11.7.2) with the audio?

the inspector says that the audio coded is AAC at 32kHz




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi maio996,


maybe the quick fix is to goback to mojave which is more current than big sur.  was there a reason you instaled big sur?






Hi Eliot,

thank you for your answer!

I had some issues with OBS and after 2 year of the release of Big Sur I thought it was safe to jump into a newer macOS (that we all first or then we have to do..).

The strange thing is that if I use my MacBook speakers it works fine, the problem is if I use an external audio device (I tried with Focusrite Clarett 4pre and with Personus Firebox). 

So my actual turnaround is to use loopback to route the output of my macbook speakers into my Focusrite but of course I am not happy about it...

The same behaviour apply if I download the meeting recording and I open it with Quicktime X.

It seems my MacBook is not able to manage properly the audio track of the video, very weird!


Anyway I just rolled back to Mojave but still the same issue... the only difference is that my macOS is 10.14.6 and Safari is 14.1.2