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Audio mutes with piano playing


I have a new HP Spectre x 360 laptop with an Intel core i7-1139OH processor, 512 GB Intel SSD +32 GB memory which runs on Windows 11. I am a music teacher. When I speak into the microphone, the sound is fine. But when I play the piano, the piano mutes. Specifically, when I play a note on the piano, the recipient hears a short thunk. If I play a scale or arpeggio, the following notes are totally silenced. No combination of settings for original sound, high-fidelity music mode, signal processing by Windows drivers and echo-cancellation has resolved this problem. I took the laptop to the Geek Squad and they reinstalled Windows 11. If I revert to my old  Dell computer running Windows 10, Zoom works fine. 

Any clues as to how to fix the problem in Windows 11?


Note Taker

@MJ3 – audio can be affected by a number of things. It sounds to me like you’ve already hit in a few things, like Original Sound settings, which will normally fix the problem.


 My first thought now is that your microphone might be one with a highly directional pick up zone, and when pointed properly to you for hearing your voice, it isn’t picking up your music – except for the louder initial attack of the note. Try pointing the microphone at your piano (toward the sound board - not the keys) and see if this picks up your music any better.


 If it does, you probably should explore getting a second microphone just to pick up your piano – in addition to the one picking up your voice. This might require a 2 channel mixer external to your computer, or some additional internal software to allow 2 microphones to be channeled into Zoom. Another option is to find a mic with a wider pick up zone, so it can pick up your voice and your piano.


 I’m not saying Windows 11 might not be part of the problem, but your tech guys upgraded you – try my other recommendations first and see if that solves your issue. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" / GoodClix.com
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I have the same problem. Different microphones worked fine with older laptop (a Lenovo) but now got a HP windows 11 and no matter how I try with different settings, impossible to hear the piano. At most 1,5 notes. Beginning to suspect that it is the Windows 11 system that totally cancels any other sound than voice, even if have original sound on, extra sound mike or not, High fidelity music on - others connected via Zoom cannot even hear the other singers in the room singing with me. Only my voice if I speak. This is a major problem for me as use it to connect those who cannot participate in person during rehearsals.



Three month's ago I purchased a new HP laptop but have had to use my old HP lap-top for piano lessons as either Windows 11 or something with Zoom and Skype only allows speech to be picked up - as soon as you play any notes at all -nothing - not a note can be heard.  I took my new laptop to Geek Squad and they could not fix.  Really could use an answer as to how to fix.... I can't believe thousands of musicians are not affected by this bug...thank you

Hey, @GNick - and everyone else on this thread.


Music can absolutely be done on Zoom.  Watch this YouTube video snippet of Todd Reynolds-- the entire video is done over Zoom (obviously with addtional hardware and software for the audio and video effects)!  But Todd has equipment that helps to bring his music into the computer, and guidance from the volunteers at OfficeHours.global to help him with setting up Zoom.  It can be done... but getting good music through Zoom takes some time and effort.


There are several main areas to focus on, in my opinion:

  • Zoom audio settings - For music, your worst enemy is probably the default Zoom audio settings.  Take some time to learn about Zoom's Original Sound setting.  The link will take you to a Zoom Support article with everything you should need to know.  Experiment with the various optional settings of High Fidelity Music Mode, Echo Cancellation, and Stereo Audio.
  • Microphone - if you're relying on a laptop or webcam to pick up your music, it's not likely to sound good. You should get a "professional quality" (but not necessarily very expensive) microphone that can be positioned near the instrument. 
  • A mixer - Most people will use a sound/audio mixer (either a small piece of hardware, or special software) to also bring in another microphone for your (speaking and singing) voice.  Personally, I have a RodeCaster Pro that I use to bring all of my audio into the computer for Zoom.  It's on the expensive side (around $600USD), but there are other cheaper options that I'm sure other musicians can recommend.  Places like Guitar Center are good places to go to talk with folks about this.
  • Network - Good bandwidth at the source is also key (well, bandwidth from the source to Zoom to the destinations is important, but at the source, it's most important).  If at all possible, don't use WiFi between your computer and the Internet... use a wired connection.  I've seen this one change make an immense difference in audio quality for many people.  Obviously "the best Internet connection you can get" helps, but if you're hardwired into most any reasonable home Internet service, you should be good.

That's my overall recommendation on what to look at.  I hope that helps!  Try a few of these things, and come back here with feedback so others can benefit from your experience.

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" / GoodClix.com
Please like any post that helped you; please mark solutions so others can find them!

I have done all of these recommendations to no avail. I believe there is something reworked into programming. Major bummer!!

Sorry but not if you have "upgraded" to windows 11..... Windows 10 - no problem!

Same problem!! Huge problem for me and my lessons!

So totally understand! Thankfully my old laptop with Windows 10 still works and now have to travel with both as worried that the old one will soon cease to function but can only do rehearsals with it. No fun at all! The printer issues are way easier to fix.


Same problem here, does not pick piano or Ukelele on Zoom for me. Windows 11 HP laptop.