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Audio issues with Galaxy Buds 2


use of ear buds from Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 fails; audio through the notebook works (Surface Pro X); issue remains unresolved through the Zoom tech support; we have been using Teams increasingly mor


Community Champion

When your Galaxy Buds 2 is connected to your computer/device, kindly open your Zoom desktop application and go to Settings > Audio, from there, check if you will see the Galaxy Buds 2 as an option.




no. lack of compatibility, unlike competitors

Community Champion

please check if your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 works during  "Test Speaker" & "Test Mic" from the Zoom App Settings.


Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.08.51 AM.png

Community Champion

Hi, I just wanted to check in and see if my response has been of help to you. If so, it will be greatly appreciated if you can click the 'Accept as Solution' button.

This will be a great help to the community and to people who are having the same concern and are looking for answers.

regrettably, it did not help. Lack of compatibility

Community Champion

Oh, I see. I am sorry to hear that.

as am i; incomprehensible that lack of compatibility; not an issue with Teams and other Zoom competitors; for us, Zoom has been surpassed by others as a real business tool, good perhaps. for video chats. Thank you for your help in narrowing the issue