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Audio, but no Video, on iPad in Active Speaker view


Over the last month or so, during twice weekly meetings, a participant informed me that when a speaker is spotlighted, or if her iPad is switched to Active Speaker view, there is audio, but no video is displayed.

When a screen is shared, for a picture or a video, then the shared video and audio runs fine, but once the screen is no longer shared, it goes back to a blank screen.

When Gallery view is active, she can see other participants with no problem. It's only with Active Speaker view.

Her iPad is the most recently released one. The iOS and Zoom apps are all running the most current updates.

I logged into the meeting with my iPad which is older, not up to date with iOS but IS up to date with Zoom and I have the exact same issues, so it isn't a user error.

I've looked through the settings in the zoom account and on my iPad but I don't see any settings that would seem to affect this.

Any suggestions?



We’re having the same issue…. 

It doesn’t seem to be limited to any specific iOS version or iPad. 


I’m suddenly having the same issue.  I can see and hear the speaker in Gallery view but can only hear the speaker in Speaker view—-audio but no video.


I have the same issue on my iPad. I used to be able to see the video in Active Speaker View however now I only have audio and a black screen. When I go to the gallery view all the videos appear. The video is not visible in Active Speaker View. Will there be an update to fix this error on the iPad. Thanks in advance.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Avantos @TheBing @EShanahan @keppler14 I tried to reproduce this issue you all were facing and wasn't able to. As it's been some time, can you please try updating your Zoom client? Or uninstall and reinstall?


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It’s happened to us sporadically over the last 3-4 months.   It will happen for an entire meeting and then we won’t see the issue again for 3 weeks. 

I make sure I’m always running the latest client at the time. 


I am experiencing the same issue now.