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Audio becomes muffled or blocked when sharing screen


Hello, I'm having audio issues when sharing content with audio in Zoom.

This has been very problematic, and it's hard for me to transition from my old Windows 10 laptop to the Windows 11 laptop.


Windows 11
AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
Tested on Zoom 64-bit versions 5.10.4, 5.11.1, 5.11.3


- Laptop is connected to an external monitor/TV
- Laptop output speaker set to external monitor/TV
- Audio is CLEAR when playing from external monitor/TV


Issue Scenario/Steps:
1. I connect to Zoom computer audio with speaker set to the external monitor/TV.


2. When I share screen (with "Share sound" checkbox ticked), the shared audio is totally blocked or muffled/drowned out from my external monitor/TV. All participants in the meeting are muted.
- Issue happens regardless if I'm sharing audio content from a browser or from Windows Media Player.
- Tried changing shared Zoom audio setting between Mono and Stereo but no improvements.


3. The audio becomes CLEAR if I do any of the following:
A) Click "Pause Share" -- audio from external monitor becomes clear (but of course participants won't hear anything). But when I click "Resume Share", the audio issues return.
B) I disconnect from Zoom audio.  If I rejoin Zoom computer audio, the shared audio becomes blocked/muffled.


4. Audio issue is likely to occur on music/singing audio. If sharing audio content with a person speaking, shared audio is clear.


What should I do to further troubleshoot or fix the issue? Thanks in advance!



Did you ever resolve this issue? Randomly started experiencing this two weeks ago. 

Same Problem here, no (classic) music in shared screen. It is simply muted, i can hear only voices. Should be a setting / filter in windows itself.


Is this problem resolved? Since I am also experiencing this problem with my new laptop which is also on Windows 11


For me the deactivation of the realtek sound-enhancement in Windows (!) solved the problem 


I started having the same issue on a MacBook computer for the past several weeks