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Audio Issue in Zoom Meeting - Seeking Assistance





I'm reaching out to address an ongoing issue I've been experiencing during Zoom meetings, and I'm hoping you might be able to offer some guidance or solutions. During meetings on the Zoom platform, I'm encountering a peculiar problem – I can't hear other participants' voices. Strangely, they can hear me without any issues. I've taken several troubleshooting steps to resolve this matter, but unfortunately, the problem persists.


Here's what I've tried so far:

1. I attempted to resolve the issue by reinstalling Zoom on my device. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the application a few times, but this did not resolve the audio problem.

2. I checked other video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, and I haven't faced any similar audio issues there. This leads me to believe that the issue is specific to Zoom.

3. I connected my headphones to see if the problem lies with my audio output device, but unfortunately, I still couldn't hear others' voices in the Zoom meeting.

4. I accessed the audio settings within Zoom and conducted an audio test. Despite following the troubleshooting steps outlined in the help center, I've been unable to hear any audio during the test.

5. I also ensured that I'm using the latest version of the Zoom application.


Despite these efforts, the issue remains unresolved. Given that I'm encountering this problem exclusively on

Zoom, I'm reaching out to you for any insights or recommendations you might have. I highly value your expertise and would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to help me rectify this issue.


Thank you in advance for your time and support. Your guidance will be immensely helpful in ensuring that I can fully participate in Zoom meetings without any audio disruptions.




I am having the same issue. It just started two weeks ago when I reinstalled my Mac OS to Monterrey and a new Zoom client. Does Zoom read any of these and answer? Most softwares have tech people to read and reply.


I don't know man but I'm still facing that issue and I think if zoom has that solution, then they already replied to my post.