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Audio Echo


I was on a zoom class for the first time the other night and i was hearing an echo from my professor so bad that i could not understand her.  I googled and it gave me things to resolve it, none of which applied.  I was not using 2 devices, no one else was having the issue but me.  I saw to go to the audio settings so i clicked next to the mute button and selected something, which i believe was "leave computer audio" and the echo stopped.  However my "mute/unmute" button then changed to "join audio".  That was fine till i needed to respond in class and i had to click that and then unmute myself and the echo returned when i tried to answer the questions to the class.  I really need to know how to fix this issue.  Like i said the echo stopped when i selected "leave computer audio" however i am still having issues when i unmute and try to participate by speaking during the class.  My next class in next Thursday and i really need to know how to fix this by then.  Any help is appreciated!!



I would first suggest using headphones or earbuds while joining this Zoom meeting. If it still echos then I would double-check your audio settings to confirm that echo cancellation is enabled. Also, confirm that Original Sound is disabled. If it still echos then I might guess that you have some internal audio routing enabled with VoiceMeeter (Windows) or Loopback (Mac)... which is too deep of a topic for this forum.



Jeff W.