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As host, some but not all participants can't see my chat


In a Zoom meeting I hosted, towards the end of the meeting, several, but not all participants could no longer see my chat. This wasn't happening earlier in the session, so I don't know what changed. I had used the break-out room function several times during the session and some participants came and left and re-entered the meeting, but that is all in terms of disruptions. To resolve the problem, a participant who could see the chat copied and re-pasted it into the chat for everyone to see it. As host, this is far from ideal. It is the send time this has happened. I'd appreciate help resolving the issue.



I have had the exact same problem and can find nothing in my searches to resolve this problem. It makes me look very unprofessional when I am running trainings on Zoom. Please help.


The same thing has been happening to me for a few weeks now. The only constant is that it happens after we do a break-out room. Sometimes if effects the Host, sometimes the co-host, sometimes the participants. I am surprised not more people are having this issue, but please resolve NOW as it does make us hosts/co-hosts look very unprofessional.


My experience was, I was signed in as host (note, I'm not the account owner) on one device, and as cohost on another device, and i (host) couldn't see chats i (as cohost) posted. The other cohost couldn't see my (cohost) posts. Everyone else in the meeting appeared to be able to see these missing chats. Confusing and concerning

cuz i can't tell who's seeing what without interrupting the meeting to ask. Thank you for you attention:)


HI, this has happened to me too and for a while I was so confused

I am unsure of why this is happening all recently but ik how to solve it

this happens if as the host u dont type in the chat first

if u r host, u need to type in the chat before someone else does or else the participants wont see ur chats

if u type in chat while some participants r in meeting with u they can see ur chats but then if some new people join and someone types first for them to see then they wont see urs

i hope this cleared up ur situation n helped u