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Anyone else find a fix to the issue of Bluetooth headphones not connecting on the Android app?


I am new to zoom, but from going on Reddit and using Google  see this has been a issue back to 2022. with people having the same issue with multiple diff headhones. Sometimes they can get it to connect, sometimes never.


My headphones work fine with everything else on the phone. They also connect fine when using the Zoom app on my laptop. On the laptop it asks me if I want to test my Mic and Audio, then gives me the option to choose my audio device. It does NOT give me the option when I join or initiate a meeting using the Android app.


I connect my Bluetooth and my headphones before I open zoom, like I was told.


On the Android app, All the settings in Zoom show that they are connected. The  Bluetooth Icon in the zoom app in the left corner shows next to the speaker icon and in the settings it says that the headphones are connected, but the sound still only comes out of the speaker.  I even hit the volume button and try to select the headphones instead of the speaker, but it always goes back to the speaker when I close it out. I clicked the 3 dots on the right and it shows the headphones are selected and connected.


If I go to Spotify and try that they work fine.


I deleted all my cache and data on the app and uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still doesn't work using the headphones. Everything in the app says they are connected.