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Anonymous poll results - can I get a report which includes the percentages?


Hi, I have set up a meeting which contains a  poll / quiz.   This is my first time doing  a poll.

The participants are in anonymous mode.

There are eight multiple choice answers and one free text response needed.


I've tested it with some team members and when a report is generated and downloaded, what I see are the questions copied over in full but not the percentages for the multiple choice answers and I also get the responses to the free text question in the report.   I do get them on screen in real time. 


What I want is a record of the percentages in a report.  Is this possible?

Is it because I have a mix of multiple choice and free text questions or is it because of the anonymous mode?


I can jot down on paper the percentages from the screen but that's not ideal as I'm also hosting the presentation and sharing screen.  I don't want to be faffing about making notes as well (as mistakes may be made). 


Your help is appreciated.  Thanks