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Allowing others to host meeting when I'm not there


I am the account holder and host of a group meeting.  I want to get a number of other people to be able to host the meeting ie open the meeting, admit people, open breakout rooms, screen share.  I want them to be able to do this even if I am not on the meeting.  Right now I've just given my ID and password so they can log in as me.  Is there a better way?





Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hello @Swervin.


You have a couple of options with respect to others hosting  your meetings (or performing other actions).

An alternative host is someone that you assign ahead of time. They will become the host of the meeting until you join. If you do not, they will retain host controls.

Additionally, you can make participants a co-host after you've started a meeting (but they cannot start the meeting).

We hope that this information is helpful!

Thank you.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, Swervin

First, the Zoom license belongs to the individual, so please do not share your ID and password with others.


The alternative hosts that RonniG is talking about are
Alternative hosts are only members of the same account.


Zoom is designed so that a particular participant can become the host even when the host is not available.
With a host key, a participant who has been informed of the host key can become the host.

It is also possible to hold a conference with only those participants who do not need the privileges that only a host can grant.

In either case, the participants must be able to join the meeting before the host starts it. Particular attention should be paid to waiting rooms and settings that allow participants to join the meeting before the host starts the meeting.


can you add a member to account on one license? All I see is alternate host has to be a licensed user. Our next meeting is 0900 HST and I'm out of country which means I need to be up at 0200 here in Asia to start meeting

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @BobBB 


How about using Host Key.


Using your host key – Zoom Support


1. Schedule a meeting with settings that allow participants who want to host the meeting to join before it starts.
For example, do not use a waiting room, or set it up so that account members can bypass the waiting room.
2. Inform the person hosting the meeting of your host key (a 6-digit number)
3. When it is time for the meeting, after the person hosting the meeting joins, click [Claim Host] and enter your host key to become the host.


The host key is the same for all meetings hosted by that user, so please handle it with care.
It is recommended that the host key be changed after the relevant meeting has ended.