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Admin portal - Pro vs Busniess license

Attendee | Zoom Partner
Attendee | Zoom Partner



It seems to be a very simple question, but for some reason it is not explained anywhere and it seems to be hard getting answer even from Zoom...

So there is a page with Zoom plans comparison and one of differences between Pro and Business Plan is named as "Admin portal".




Description says only "Manage users in your company on one account for simplified billing, advanced user management settings, and comprehensive usage insights all in the Zoom Admin Portal."


It can be understood in many ways. Is there no admin part for account owner/admins when logged to Zoom website? Or it is with most features but some things are missing? If it's the latter - how much is missing?


Description mentions "advanced user management". So I understand, that there is "basic user management" for Pro license account? It is possible to add users and assign them licenses, right? Or is that not possible with Pro license? I think that is must be possible, since otherwise how company would it be able to decide who is assigned with Pro license?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @LK_EXN 

It is difficult to know all of the management features of Pro and business unless you sign up for an account in both plans at the same time and compare them.

However, I did find an article that describes one distinct difference as far as management features.
It is about the dashboard feature.

Getting started using the Zoom Dashboard – Zoom Support



Attendee | Zoom Partner
Attendee | Zoom Partner

Hi @Ohkawa 


Thank you for answering, but what you linked is strictly about Dashboard, which is a Business license feature and not related to "Admin portal" thing.


And yes, I agree that comparing both would be the best, however it's not possible since we have Business license and I have no access to account with Pro licenses 😞

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


I believe @Ohkawa is correct that this is incorrectly including Dashboard access, which is only available to Business and higher accounts. In fact, most of the admin access described is available for Pro accounts, and even free accounts with a verified credit card. 

I've submitted a request to the team that manages that page to get it updated, as that is inaccurate and confusing. 


Thanks for the heads up!