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Accesing recordings from 2 years ago


I hosted a meeting in 2020 for my wedding on Zoom as not everyone could attend and I recorded it. I never downloaded it at the time because I figured it would always be accessible via the Zoom Cloud (or whatever it is called). However, I have logged on today to watch it, and cannot find it under my recordings. When I click on the link that was emailed to me at the time, it says I 'haven't enabled the cloud recorder' OR 'Cloud recording plan expired'. Is my wedding recording now lost forever? Can I do anything to get it back? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@AdaRow  Your cloud recordings are still stored with Zoom. What most likely happened is that your account was downgraded to basic. Once you activate your subscription again with a license you will have access to those recordings. 

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