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AA Meetings getting bombed


We have an AA meeting that is listed on the international site - we get people attending from all over.  We screen people as soon as they come on - they have to show their face and tell us their name and its been pretty chill until today.  Some person managed to get on and disable all the security settings.  They typed the N word about 1,000 times in the chat, even though chat was disabled.  They posted a gross video and it jumped from one person to another, so fast we couldn't even keep up with it.  In a vain attempt to kick them off we ended up kicking off several people who were just being hijacked by the bomber.  Even though all microphones were muted with the setting that no one can unmute themselves without being asked to, this person wasn't muted.  

We can't make our meeting invitation only, it's open to the public, that's the very spirit of an AA meeting.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




im sorry about that trust me ive been bombed a bunch from little teens


We were bombed on Saturday and despite disabling the ability to Rename, the ability to use a video as a background they were still able to show videos. Share screen is disabled and we use spotlighting so lucky the whole thing didn't take over the meeting but it is most troubling. Do we have to disable the use of any Backgrounds or are they somehow using the Profile pic as a way to upload a nasty video? Anyone know? 


Is this an aa meeting 



Hi Im Very new Zoom. Just wondering were i can find AA Meetings? Im 36 and just need help.


It sucks

it realy It just doe it by me Im sad now


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @LazyRancher @Evanvanderweege @-ItchyTasty- @nant54707 @kacidee22_I'm sorry to hear about your meeting-related experiences. At Zoom, we take Zoom bombing seriously and are eager to assist you in avoiding similar incidents in the future.


For reporting unwanted guests and behavior, please submit selecting Report Abusive Behavior or Content. 


There are some knowledge base articles on Security Settings to better secure your meetings from unwanted guests. I would maybe consider registration, waiting room, or Requiring authentication to join a meeting/webinar when scheduling your next meeting.


Hope this helps, and let me know how else I can assist. Thank you! 

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!

All good suggestions it some of security settings we cannot use such as authenticated users only if we re to remain accessible to all. Anonymity and accessibility are key which Zoom bombers seem to like to exploit. It appears to be almost entirely teenager boys  to young men who feel some perverse need to show genitalia and shout foul language. The humorous side to this that they have picked a crowd that isn’t very shocked by dick pics but it is still disruptive. 


Remove the ability to rename and when they get on you can use the “stop all participant activities” red button. If they can’t unmute or turn on video they will get bored and leave sometimes. So frustrating that they pick on vulnerable folks trying to save their own lives…grrr.

I would like to move that the following statement be adopted as a policy to respond to Zoom Bombing in Real Time

We want to acknowledge that what was just said is unacceptable. We have muted the participant. If you're feeling triggered, we encourage you to reach out to a group leader or sponsor after the meeting. You can also turn off your camera or leave the meeting if you need to. Our goal is to create a safe space for everyone. Racism, bigotry, misogyny, bullying or derogatory statement of any kind will not be tolerated."