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3 Licenses with 3 E-Mail-Addresses but 10 users without access to the E-Mail-Account


We are an enterprise that holds seminars online with zoom. We bought 3 licenses because sometimes there are 3 seminars at the same time. The User-Name Login for the licenses are 3 E-Mail-Addresses of the organization team.

There are about 9 different lecturers who have to hold the seminars and who have to login with the above-mentioned login-details. Of course the lecturers don't have access to the E-Mail-Accounts of those 3 E-Mail-Addresses.

Since a few months Zoom is regularly demanding for a verification code that is only available with access to the E-Mail-Adress of the license. We had many complications and problems because the seminars couldn't start on time or couldn't start at all because the lecturer hadn't managed to login to start the meeting. Since the lecturers don't have access and the organisation-team can not always be there to transfer the verification codes – what could be the solution for this situation?