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2 Domains (not just email domains) - Under 1 Account?


Hi Zoomers!


We have a domain called that we want to create a Vanity URL:


We have 2 email domains ( and ( each with their own account #.

We also have a 3rd domain - that does not have a zoom account AND we want to use on ( 

I have been tasked with finding information on and completion of the following:

1st - Combining the 2 email domains ( and ( into ONE account
2nd – Create a Vanity URL: under (  - or preferable -  under (
3rd – Migrate all the users from ( to ( - or preferable -  under (

I am interested in finding out if:

1. Can 2 different Domains (not just email domains) be combined into one 
2. Is there a cost associated with the combining of 2  different Domains (not just email domains)
3. Can you migrate users from 2 different domains into one email domain *account

I have looked at the information below and find that “Separate accounts with a specific email domain (such as” does not address the fact that the domains are on different.

Thank you for any insight that can be shared.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @rbrigham ,


1. and 3. I would suggest create a support ticket to get this done for you.  You will need to provide approval from both account to get the accounts consolidated for you.

2. There is no cost associated to make that change.


Best regards,




I actually also had the same issue but after opening the ticket with the team, they quickly resolved it. Thanks for the support and help.