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Newly added apps don't show up in apps tab or sidebar


First time trying to use Apps, as a sole user with a free account. I activated 3 Apps from the Marketplace, which shows them as "Added": "Mentimeter," "Meeting Recaps, Transcripts, Recording from Read", and one other. I saw notices that they are supposedly active and available. However, none of them are showing up — not in the Apps tab of the main window, and not in the Apps sidebar within a trial meeting in my personal meeting room. 


How do I get access to these apps so that I can use them?



Check Settings > Home Screen > Newly Downloaded Apps. A newly installed app will show up in the App Library under "Recently Added". But still not anywhere on the home screens without a layout reset. You have to move it to where you want it.

Thank you for the suggestion. Hmm. I don't see a "Home Screen" option within Settings (see screen shot). 


I was running Zoom 5.13.5 on Mac OS 13.1 (Ventura). As it happens, however, after a night's sleep, and upon updating to Zoom 5.13.6, somehow the 3 apps are now appearing and accessible.