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Integrations for everyone!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Whether you are just trying to understand what is available in the Marketplace, or you are already working on integrating with Zoom, we would love to talk to you about what we have to offer.


Integrations – The main part of the Marketplace that users usually start with is the prebuilt integrations for Zoom and other applications.  There are currently over 1400 integrations that users can install on their accounts.

APIs – APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the building blocks for creating, reading, updating and deleting data from Zoom.  We use standard JSON interfaces for retrieving the data with OAuth and JWT authentication.


Webhooks – Webhooks are similar to APIs in that the customer can get data from Zoom in JSON format, but with webhooks, data is pushed to the customer whenever a subscribed event (e.g. a meeting starts) occurs.


SDKs – SDKs (Software Development Kits) enable you to embed the Zoom Meeting experience into your own applications.  Zoom has multiple SDKs that support various operating systems and browsers.


Zoom Apps – The latest addition to the Zoom Marketplace is the Zoom Apps.  These applications run inside the Zoom Client to provide additional features or functionality without having to switch windows or leaving the meeting.


About the Marketplace

The Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for downloading, creating, installing, managing or learning about integrations with Zoom, those developed by Zoom, 3rd parties, or by customers themselves. 


About Me

I’m Dean, a former developer who now works for Zoom to help customers implement and manage Zoom.  Having worked with integrations in the past, it is my passion now to help others in getting theirs set up since it unleashes even more power on an already incredible platform. 


Other Marketplace groupies and I will work to help you through any challenges you might have in your integrations.  I am looking forward to hearing about what creative solutions you come up with to use Zoom!