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Video Lag


I recently bought myself a new computer, and what I've noticed is that my zoom video is laggy. I have a really good computer that can handle a lot.:16 ram, lots of storage, and my WIFI is very good too. When I enter a zoom for class or make a small one for 3 people my lag is always 5 seconds behind. I am also up to date with any updates zoom has. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Community Champion

Hi Tabitha, one thing you may want to look at when you are experiencing problems with Zoom is what other applications may be running in the background while you are on Zoom calls? Running multiple resource intensive applications could spike CPU processes and slow down applications that are vying for system resources.


Other things to check:

  • Always run the latest version of Zoom
  • Are you using VPN? Can you disable to test and ensure its not the VPN network?
  • Can you test your BW by running a speedtest?
  • Can you check a hard wired ethernet connection directly to the router or switch to eliminate or prove out issues with Wifi?
  • Are the issues occuring regardless if you are using the Zoom client and Web client ?


I just bought a Panasonic Lumix G100 camera and am now getting lots of lag as well. So, I am playing with all the different settings, but still the lag in video and audio. I have over 20 mbps upload speed, and no major apps running in background. Ideas?