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40 minute limit removal no longer applicable to teaching?


I've been teaching on Zoom and making use of the removal of the 40-minute time limit which they enacted during lockdown. All of a sudden, my lessons are being cut at 40 minutes. I haven't changed anything. I'm still using an academic email for log-in.

Has Zoom decided to put the limit back on everyone? I can't find anything online that suggests they've changed it.




Hi - The 40-minute time limit removal for eligible primary and secondary education in certain countries was instituted at the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 and expanded to additional countries since then. It is still active until December 31, 2020 (the current deadline). Please contact the IT administrator of your school domain to see if they made any changes. 


I believe that was removed at some point this year. it was for k-12 schools. It would be best to reach out to Zoom support and ask them directly about your account. If your school has an IT dept that is the admin of the schools Zoom account they would know more too. For example they may have a pool of licenses that give full meeting benefits, you may still have a basic account and could request one. That's how we did it at our university until we went with a site license.