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convert meeting without regisatration to webinar with registration


dear all,


I have scheduled a meeting without registration and shared the link already with the audience. Now it seems I need to convert it to a Webinar with registration (as we need to know who attended, name and email).

If people will click the initial meeting link without registration, will they be asked for name and email and will be able to join? Or will this not be possible as it is the meeting invite link and will be invalid?


warm regards





Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi, this should work as you outlined above. 
The same link will remain active after you convert a meeting to a webinar. 

And if you enable registration on a webinar after you have already shared a non-registration link, anyone using that link has to register before they join the webinar. 

great, thank you so much Annika. When using the meeting link and registration thereafter, will they be connected to the webinar straight away or should they first go to their email again and click on the link (this will make the process less user friendly)? If they are connected straight away, that would be perfect! TIA