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Zoom Events - Can Sponsors pick an open time slot in the schedule to present


We are hosting a 5 day conference (3 hours each day) with a variety of speakers.  The speakers time slots are predetermined.  In between speakers we have included 15 minute time slots for sponsors (vendors) to present.  Is there a way that sponsors can register and choose and claim an open time slot to present? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @CESO,


There's no functionality like this that I'm aware of.  Are these 15-minute meetings or webinars?  I think you should be able to add them as Speakers when they "volunteer", but someone (the host or an authorized editor) should be able to add them once they've been confirmed.


I'd consider making a "To Be Determined" Speaker with a dummy picture, and once you add the "real speaker", remove the TBD stand-in.  I've used something similar to this logo-branded stand-in I created from Envato Elements stock Illustrator files:

GoodClix-Generic Photo Female.png

You might consider entering a Feature Request; seems a little specific, but I'm sure more esoteric things have made the cut!


Feature Request entry: 


Another approach I've suggested in Zoom Conference discussions (but haven't yet actually tried in production) is to have an ongoing Meeting session called "Sponsor Announcements" with restricted entry, and live-stream from the Meeting to the Lobby whenever a sponsor/vendor wants to pitch something.  You could even screen-share pre-recorded video -- longer than the 30-60 seconds Zoom Events allows you to auto-play.


Just my thoughts. 😎

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks Ray_Harwood.  All great suggestions.