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Will Zoom Ever Bring Full HD to Webinar Accounts


I know the pandemic caused most of the world to use Zoom, but as things are semi normal again, can you bring Full HD stream quality to webinars?

We pay a considerable amount of money each and every month to broadcast, and the video quality is really questionable in most episodes. We keep being told to sign up for business or pro and then request it, but realistically the price for this only to have the request rejected isn't worth it. The application is great with loads of new features added regularly, but the fundamentals of a collaboration and conferencing service, video and audio quality are seriously lacking.

We want to keep using Zoom Webinars going forward, but at this point it's really hampering our ability to grow.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @bluebear


 I apologize but unfortunately, Group HD in 1080p is only available for Business, and the above accounts for the foreseeable future. 


You can enable 720p HD on Pro accounts under account management settings now for all your meetings and webinars. 






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