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Webinar invitation with automatic calendar invite


How can the webinar registration confirmation email contain a calendar invite so that it automatically goes into the registrants calendar without clicking having to click the link.  When I get meetings or Teams invites it shows up in calendars but the webinar confirm email after registering does not trigger this.  How can I fix?  Thanks!!!!!



Hi @DavidW 


There is no way to auto-add a Zoom registration confirmation to a participant's calendar without them adding it themselves.  


You could send your own calendar invitation to your participants using Outlook - and that would act much the same as your Teams experience.


With Zoom Meeting (but I don't think Webinar) you could use the Zoom Outlook plugin to organize the meeting in Outlook in the first place - and thus be able to send an Outlook calendar invite to your participants (which they would at least see in their calendar as proposed).




The more we use Zoom, the more the webinars component seems half-baked. Zoom's main focus is meetings. Webinar features are severely lacking - it stinks that there doesn't seem to be any movement on stuff like this, quite frankly.