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Waiting Rooms for Zoom Webinar


I have been researching workarounds to create a waiting room in Zoom Webinar (I know, that option isn't available to have  a pure waiting room in Zoom Webinar)


Here's what we'd like.  An EASY one click way (not a unique link) to get a group together.  We had a scheduled webinar we were planning to record this past Tuesday. Due to issues with the unique links (I actually think it was more just a zoom link issue as I think the company wasn't allowing zoom meetings in general due to data privacy) - but anyways - we weren't able to get everyone on.   We'd like to have a gathering place (aka I think Meeting) and then push those people into a webinar together. 


Has anyone figured out a workaround like this?  We don't want to do a practice webinar (that involves unique links - don't want that - rather more of a generic "jump in this room and then we will move into our webinar")  Is this something anyone has ever figured out? It seems like it could be doable somehow with some creativity.  After searching for it for a couple days - I'm jumping on here to see if anyone has figured out a workaround.  Thanks so much!! (and yes, I do know that webinars don't allow waiting rooms - but I also think there's always a way around such a statement 😉



If you take one of those unique links you that zoom creates for a panelist and you just send it to everyone, they can all use it. The only thing is that, once they're in, they will have to change their names (or it will be the same for everyone). Then you can use the practice session as sort of a waiting room. 

But a waiting room for panelists would be extremely useful for anyone trying to manage a slightly more complex event, like a small conference, on zoom.


Thanks for the response - yes, I had thought about that as a workaround as well - except for the fact they'd need to change their name, It would work fine.  Still trying to tweek this idea - vision versus real is the struggle on this one 😉