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Verification email never received


I tried to watch a webinar that I had been able to sign up with with using Sign in with Apple after first being unable to sign in with my saved password.

When I used the saved password Zoom said a verification email code entry was necessary. I was told a verification email had been sent. It never arrived. Finally after prolonged searching my email folders I found one but it had expired. I tried again several times, requesting resend verification but never received another email. Unfortunately when I tried to sign into the webinar the next day the Sign in with Apple option wasn't available. The verification email option was offered and email supposedly sent. Never got a verification email.

I tried the chat bot to find a solution but it only suggested searching the email again. No joy. It then offered to let me chat with a person but they were: "too busy." They said I needed to submit a claim to tech support. I tried that and the response was: "Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open ticket at this time."

So I couldn't watch the webinar and apparently won't be able to sign into zoom in the future.

I also signed into the web front end for my email to see if perhaps somehow my app was blocking the email. Nothing there either.


Does anyone no of a way around the problem?

Some threads talk about 2 factor authentication. I'd be happy to use that but I imagine I need to sign into zoom to set that up.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @waldhaus1960 do you mind trying to re-verify your email address or attempt to? 

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!

i had the same problem a few weeks ago and was able to contact a human tech at zoom who took me off the blocked list.  He didn't know how I had gotten on the list.  Now the same issue has reappeared and I see no way to contact a human for tech support.  I have done everything listed in the help file--- with no success.  I have sent multiple messages to tech support via the website, and it instantly replies that they are unable to help with my problem, and my ticket has been closed. 


How do you get a human tech?

I did not receive verification code by email







Try checking in the junk folder

I have checked my junk folder.


I have the same issue, trying to register a new user and trying a test account, no mail received in spam.
delivery tested successfull from telnet 25 through all our smtpservers, the problem is not at our side. Users can ask confirmation mail resend 10 times, they don't receive anything.
What to do?


I forcebly created a new account in the user manager, and then tried a password reset from the users perspective, but the reset password email does not get received.
what is the next step to take?