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Stop Broadcasting Webinar while keeping panelists


I keep trying to figure if this is possible. I want to end my webinar broadcast without ending it for panelists. Is there a way to end the webinar JUST for attendees while allowing panelists to stay on? It would be great to do debriefs after an event without having to jump to an entirely new meeting. Is this possible?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @dbroxton, your question was similar to @slafave's question, "Is there a way to end a webinar for participants and keep it open for panelists?"


Unfortunately, there is nothing like that available for webinars yet. 

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!


This should be an option in webinars, very uncomfortable to ask speakers to spend time speaking with an audience, and then just cutting off the entire webinar and not being able to debrief and thank them personally.

I concur that it is VERY painful to terminate all panelists when the broadcast has finished. This is a VERY needed feature for Zoom Webinar. ...I currently have to start a seperate Zoom meeting for the debrief.

100% -- It's awkward and feels very unprofessional to cut off the panelists without being able to debrief.