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Recording a Presentation with 2 speakers Appearing in the recording


HI there are 2 of us presenting with a powerpoint.  We want to have us shown during the recording.  How do I set this up?  We have only been able to record the presentation. Thanks in advance.



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @Amherb! You can enable "Record gallery view with shared screen" on your settings. Gallery view will be the default but when someone is sharing their screen, active speaker will show on the top right corner of the shared screen. Alternatively and/or additionally, you can also enable "Record active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen separately," which creates separate files for the selected options. Keep in mind that with this option, additional cloud recording storage will be consumed.


These settings can be found in the Zoom web portal > Personal > Settings > Recording.


Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 7.23.27 AM.png