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Indonesia Online Independence Day Ceremony with Zoom!!

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Just wanted to share an amazing experience while supporting our beloved President Joko Widodo using Zoom for Indonesia's Independence day ceremony.

This is our second year (PT. Kayreach System) in collaboration with Telkom Indonesia and also all related parties to make events like this successful.

+- Detailed events :
1. 20+ Large Meeting 1000.
2. 20+ Hosted Meetings.
3. Lots of PCs and small and large screens are used.
4. Cooperation with many TV stations for broadcast.
5. Studio and More


Although I'm happy to be able to support Indonesia's independence day ceremony using Zoom, I hope this pandemic ends quickly so that we can run many offline events again.

Maybe you have the same experience regarding events like this? I would be very happy if anyone could share their experiences.


Here is some footage that maybe you wanna see : 

Thanks Zoom! From Us PT. Kayreach system

I am Zoom Enthusiast (Part of PT. Kayreach System, Indonesia Authorized Reseller, Certified Zoom Room, Zoom Phone, and Pro AV Integrator)