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In Meeting (Basic) - Polls/Quizzes


My administrator turned on the option "Allow users to manage saved polls and quizzes from "meetings" but I still don't see this option in my account when I check in In Meeting (Basic) - Polls/Quizzes. I only have 2 options, this 3rd option is missing. Do we know why? 


Community Champion

This option is not under Settings > Meeting. You will find it under Meetings with a separate tab:

Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 18.46.26.png

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Sorry but this does nothing for me. I am looking at my settings - In meeting (basic) - Meeting polls/quizzes - the options I have are "allow host to create advanced pools and quizzes" then "allow alternative host to add or edit polls and quizzes" WHERE is the " allow users to manage saved polls and quizzes for "meetings"? Some people in my company have this option however I do NOT. 

Community Champion

This is NOT under Settings (

You need to go to the Meeting section instead. You can find it in the left pane a few lines above the Settings or use this link:


This is my colleague's screen and I don't have this 3rd option. How is this NOT in my settings?