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Hybrid Zoom Events




We have a few upcoming events that we would like to leverage our Zoom Events license for. Setting up the event is done easily enough, but we have two on-site rooms that will be "attending" the event, from which we will have speakers and presentations. As it stands, with the scheduled set up that Zoom Events provides, each of these panels is given their own webinar/meeting.


What is the best practice for an event like this, where the on-site rooms are static throughout the day but there is still a schedule in Zoom Events? We have found so far the only way to do this is to have someone physically in the room join each new webinar/meeting as part of the event, but this is very cumbersome and difficult to coordinate when there are several sessions going on, sometimes in multiple rooms. Does Zoom events have any way to have this work more seamlessly?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I did one day of a three-day event in a Zoom Conference... the next two days were done with a simple Zoom Meeting.  A church group was hired by the event coordinator, and they brought 3 Black Magic cameras and multiple wireless microphones, along with video and audio switchers.  They fed camera and audio into a PC running Zoom, and I spotlighted their video for the remote viewers.  This worked out great with the Zoom Meetings (one all-day meeting covered the entire live presentation from the venue), but the Zoom Events day was a little more problematic, since I had set up individual sessions for each presentation, with the hope of having automatic, separate recordings done.


The issue was -- as I think you've already discovered -- that there's a very critical point when one presentation has finished, and the on-site moderator immediately started introducing the next speaker... while the remote attendees had to leave one session and enter the other AND the camera crew had to do the same. 


If your event format allows it and you want to benefit the Expo and Networking capability in Zoom Events, I do recommend considering having one meeting/session that covers the morning, and one in the afternoon. Your issue then will be that you can only have one recording attached to the session afterward.


Let me know if you'd like to discuss in more detail.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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