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How to promote all attendees to Panelists in a Zoom Webinar


Hi all,

I am going to run a Zoom Webinar with a number of attendees. At the end, I would like to take the photo of all attendees, so I would like to promote all attendees to Panelists, and ask them to turn on camera then. Otherwise, there are so many attendees so I can't promote each attendee.

Can you help me the fastest way to promote all of attendees?
Thank you!



Hi @Khanh_Angels 


The challenge is that each Attendee will need to Accept the Join as Panelist prompt when you promote them, even if there was way to bulk-promote them. That effectively de-joins and re-joins them to the meeting, which might cause some stumbles.


You could look at using Focus Mode in a Zoom Meeting, instead of Webinar, to achieve what you need.


You could also hold a regular Zoom Meeting as an "after-show" after your main Webinar, where everyone could be welcome to come in casually.


Hope this helps.