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Full-day vs. Half-day registrations


Hi there,


I am planning a webinar and I want to offer full-day and half-day registrations.  The full day registrants would do both morning and afternoon sessions. The half-day registrants would do either the morning or the afternoon session.  Is there a way to make sure the half-day registrants only have access to half of the session?  I don't want to have two separate webinar links for the morning and afternoon as most people will be full-day registrants.  Is there a way to lock the half-day registrants out of the half they did not pay for?






Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @BCHDerek , 


Thanks for your question! This is not really possible using one stand alone webinar, but this could be accomplished by using Zoom Events to schedule a conference and having a full day track and a half day track. It is possible to lock your webinar halfway through, but you'd likely need to go through your attendee list and manually remove the half day registrants. It would also not allow anybody to join once locked, including any full day registrants joining late. So I would recommend two separate webinars or a Zoom Events conference.


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